Apr 9, 2015

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Robots in the Automotive Industry

Robots have become an essential part of contemporary life. However, they have been used in almost all the sectors, but the automotive industry is certainly the biggest consumer of these mesmerizing but useful devices.
Here, we’ll discuss the various factors associated with robots in the automotive industry.


The first mechanical robot started working in the late 1960s. At that time, it was known as Unimate. Remember, these robots were of basic mechanism working in the automotive industry. These automotive robots were found very useful as they were capable of performing several tasks, including welding, handle bigger payloads and even to die cast.
Without any doubt, it was the starting of robotic technology as it has changed the whole industry and thus the world. However, robots of the initial stage were not as dynamic as today’s but still they were able to perform risky jobs. One industry where robots can play a significant role is the cleaning industry. There is a currently a local Queens maid service that is investigating this in order to help their customers in NYC.

The highest use of these machines started during 1080s when almost every automotive company, whether small or big got automotive robots installed to perform various types of jobs to increase the productivity.

What Are the Benefits?

However, most of the individuals assume that robots in the automobile sector have reduced the jobs, but it is not the case. Remember, there was a time when every task was performed by human workers. Moreover, they often needed to work in a dangerous situation with bigger machines. In case of such a case, both i.e. company as well as workers had to face lots of difficulties.
With the advent of these exclusive machines, the risk of fatal accidents has reduced dramatically. Now, factory workers don’t need to worry about any unwanted accident. Since robots perform all the dangerous and monotonous jobs, human workers have time to concentrate on other core business responsibilities.
This way, automotive companies have become able to increase their production as well as to save big amount of money. Are you still confused? If yes, then you must check out stated below key advantages of using robots in the current automotive industry.


Using robots to get several types of automotive manufacturing tasks done means you can save tons of money. Various top manufacturing companies are availing this facility so that they can be able to cut their labor expenses.
It is a known fact that due to high labor expenses, most of the automotive companies have to shut their business down. Availing the services of robots in their manufacturing unit guarantees them for the saving of tons of money.

Increase Production

If you are assuming that being an affordable system, robots aren’t capable of increasing the productivity, you are certainly wrong. Moreover, there are a few people who believe that robots can never and ever be able to create products with such quality as human workers do. So, it is another misconception.
Since robots are machines designed keeping the business requirements in view, they are capable of increasing the productivity. With the help of these robots, companies are capable of creating different types of essential automotive parts swiftly with no time.

Where to Buy?

Having gone through benefits as mentioned above of using robots in the automotive industry, now you surely want to buy some of them. If yes, then you need to take the help of internet as there are lots of sites available that can help you with this concern.

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Feb 20, 2015

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Tips to Running a Successful Online Automotive Business


Maintaining a fruitful business obliges devotion, diligent work and a promise to giving something that your potential clients can’t find with an alternate organization. The organization, AutoMatStore, for example, has appreciated a great deal of accomplishment since it was initially made, however that achievement didn’t simply occur incidentally. It must be created through a lot of arranging, planning, and persistence. In case you’re contemplating beginning your own particular online auto business, you’ll have to know a couple of things to guarantee that you’ll be as effective as could be allowed.

Quality Counts1108tr-07+2000-gmc-sierra-blue-chip+custom-interior-seats

The nature of your items truly does count. Whether you’re putting forth rebate auto air fresheners, custom seat spreads, cowhide stresses for the dash or something else, you have to verify that your clients aren’t baffled when they open the bundle. Fulfilled clients enlighten their loved ones concerning their involvement with your organization, and solid informal promoting is worth more than all the paid publicizing you’ll ever do.

Guarantee Satisfaction

A standout amongst the most imperative lessons we learned running AutoMatStore is the need to truly remain behind your dedication to consumer loyalty. As it were, this is the most obvious opportunity you need to make your organization emerge from all the rest. There are a lot of contending organizations out there offering the same kind of item as you – and your client administration is the way you separate yourself from the contenders. Verify that you’re giving it your best shot to make your clients’ encounters positive, charming and streamlined. Be straightforward in everything. Be fair, forthright and deal with inquiries, dissentions and proposals as quickly as time permits. A proactive stance to client administration can be hugely compensating.

Make Simple Websiteslb-example

For online sites, you have huge amounts of configuration choices accessible to look over, yet recollect to stay basic. Excessively muddled outlines, designs and route frameworks will turn off potential clients. With the AMS organization, one way we had the capacity make route more straightforward was by executing three approaches to discover what the client needed – we offer the capacity to shop for floor tangles by sort, by brand and by vehicle. The route is anything but difficult to read and simple to use, with no muddled steps included.

Your objective is to make it simple for them to discover what they need and afterward pay for it – if your site outline is excessively muddled, potential purchasers are going to leave and go someplace else. You can’t bear the cost of that. Each and every site guest is a potential client. Make it simple for them to purchase from you and they’ll compensate you with business.

Make Valuable Information Available

One of the things that today’s purchaser needs is access to data – and they would prefer not to pay for it, either. You can separate your organization from others by giving fundamental data about your items or administrations, the purchasing procedure, selecting the right item or something else. We likewise make it simple for our clients to contact us; we clarify our return strategy obviously and even give free shading swatches through the mail.

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Feb 20, 2015

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Business Opportunities in the Automotive Industry


Do you adore autos or cars? Do you stay aware of the most recent patterns in the car business? Is it true that you are keen on beginning a business in the car business however you don’t have the foggiest idea about the best business open door or thought to look over? At that point I guidance you read on as I highlight the best business open doors and thoughts in the car business.

The auto business is one of the biggest modern segments by income, with exercises that contain the building, outline, innovative advancement, producing, dissemination, advertising, deals and support of autos or engine vehicles.

  1. Vehicle fabricating

This is the level of the enormous players, for example, Toyota, Ford, General Motors, and so on; yet, there are littler organizations that are raking in benefit every year by focusing on a narrower specialty that is overlooked by the huge organizations. In the event that you have the budgetary limit, you can set up a vehicle assembling plant for autos trucks, trailers, earth moving gears, or caterpillars, and so on.

  1. Vehicle amassing

Instead of wander into full scale vehicle producing, you can wander into vehicle gathering. The fortunate thing about this wander is that it is less capital escalated and you can stick your image on the autos you amassed. Samples of vehicle amassing plants in Nigeria are Innoson and Peugeot. Presently in the event that you are not up for huge autos or trucks, you can concentrate on gathering light weight vehicles, for example, tricycles, bikes, bikes, and so forth.

  1. Turn into an auto merchantmerchantsauto

You can likewise purchase the rights to turn into a merchant in your nation for any auto maker of your decision. Illustration of effective auto merchants and wholesalers in Nigeria incorporate Coscharis Motors, Elizade Motors Ltd, and so forth. Then again better still, you can just begin little by importing and retailing utilized autos. The utilized auto advertise as a part of Nigeria and even the U.S is at present blasting as the vast majority have depended on purchasing utilized autos to spare expense.

Do you realize that you can likewise turn into an auto merchant right in Nigeria from your home? Yes, you should do nothing more than setup shop on the web, test your products and take requests from clients. You then continue to purchase the preordered vehicle from online auto closeout sites and convey it to the clients.

  1. Turn into an extra parts shipper or merchant

Vehicles are machines with a ton of mobile parts, that needs to be changed at one time or the other. You can import and retail extra parts of a few brands of vehicles in your nation and profit off vehicle holders.

  1. Begin a vehicle re-spray businessrespray_4

You can likewise setup a vehicle re-spray organization and help auto holders recover the magnificence of their autos after it has been exhausted and the shading is blurred.

  1. Setup an auto enumerating administration business

Auto enumerating is the methodology of altogether cleaning, cleaning and waxing of vehicles. The cleaning will likewise be carried out all around; including the motor and underneath the vehicle. Auto enumerating is typically done on utilized autos that are to be exchanged, hence expanding its esteem and viewpoint to the proposed clients.

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